Foundations Weekend – Fall 2019

The next Speaking with Soul Foundations Weekend will take place  Friday November 8 (evening), 9 – 10 (all day) at 10C (42 Carden St, Guelph, ON N1H 3A2)  in Guelph.

During the Weekend you will:

  • Get clear on why you want to speak and why people need to listen
  • Gain exposure to practical activities you can use to calm your nerves and ready yourself for your communion with your audience
  • Learn about how to use your voice and your body to really connect with an audience
  • Be taught our Speaking with Soul speech methodology to ensure you build a killer presentation every time you speak including how to structure and deliver your presentation
  • Learn about the most current do’s and don’ts in the arena of skilled speakers
  • Explore how to work a stage and master the technical aspects that have been the downfall of many speakers
  • Create a speech about the thing you really care about in real time with expert coaching and guidance
  • And then present this speech in front of your fellow participants and a camera
  • Receive immediate “hot-seat” feedback from your SWS trainers.

Pre-session Training Included

Two to three weeks before the Foundations Weekend, there will be a 1 hour educational and exploratory video conference call call with all participants. The purpose of this Pre-Session Video Call is to lay the foundations of the expectations for the workshop, open dialogue about speakers we emulate and discuss their sthyl Your attendance on this call is a crucial part of preparing for your weekend and there will be homework tasks assigned to complete before the call.

Price and Registration

The price for the Foundations Weekend is $495+tax

Included in this price is:

  • Personalized email welcoming you to the program outlining a series of homework tasks prior to the Pre-Session Video confernce, including instructions about your 1-minute participant video
  • A one hour Pre-Session video call
  • Additional Personalized feedback on your 1-minute participant video
  • The weekend itself: Session 1 on Saturday from 9 – 5 pm, Session 2 on Sunday from 9.30 am to close (whenever that happens, likely not earlier than 5 pm).
  • Expert coaching, training and guidance during the weekend
  • Your own video of you speaking to take away and continue to practice
  • A booklet (paper and digital version) of the Speaking with Soul Handbook
  • Your own Masterclass video of your Speaking with Soul coaches providing you with feedback and tips on your speech
  • Personalized follow-up from your coaches