Why Speaking with Soul?

More and more people are being called to speak – to use their voice to communicate their ideas and commitments to others.

In business today, being able to speak confidently is a prerequisite of leadership.

In the community today, more and more people are wanting to be the change they want to see in the world.

In all industries, people are emerging and standing up to become speakers and leaders, and as a result, speaking as a profession is booming.

But that doesn’t mean that people are doing it well.

Succeeding as a speaker is about the power of your message and how you own the stage.

Whether you are just making your first foray into speaking, or whether you have been on the circuit for a while, Speaking with Soul will move you, equip you and transform you.

It will provide you with a safe space to develop your voice and get clear on what you really want to say and why.

You’ll not only be a better speaker because of it, but you’ll come away clearer on what your purpose is, and how to deliver it with soul.

You’ll come away with the following:

  • a tried and tested model to ensure you build a great speech every time
  • breathing, voice and stagecraft tools to make sure your message lands powerfully
  • tips gleaned from 20 years on the speaking circuit and performance in TV, film and theatre
  • personalised coaching and feedback on your speech and how to make it shine
  • the opportunity to take the stage yourself and practice what you’ve learned

And you’ll learn the most powerful of all lessons: how to wrap form and structure around passion and vulnerability so that you can inspire others to be the change.

Who should attend?

Anyone who knows that they are on this planet to achieve something and recognises that they need others to help them do it.

Yes, that means you.

Previous attendees have been community leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, actors, people looking to start businesses or looking for a change in their lives or simply people looking to get more confident in front of an audience.